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About Our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is one of the strongest out there. We offer:

• 15% commission
• 180 day cookie
• Dozens of banner graphics you can use on your website or blog
• How-to videos and articles that show you how to benefit from our affiliate program

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Why the Affiliate Program?

As you may know, our reading and spelling curricula are the result of the difficulty I faced when searching for programs that would work for my own child, who struggled to learn to read and spell. I know firsthand the anguish parents go through as they search for a way to help their child.

That’s why, as a company, we don’t just sell products; our goal is to help parents. As an affiliate promoting our products, this is an important distinction for you to know. We are looking for affiliate-customers who know and love our products, and who want to share what they know with other parents.

Our company is built on helping parents teach reading and spelling to their children. Our programs are complete, solid, and research-based, and don’t leave gaps in your child’s learning—and they really work. We also provide an incredible amount of support to parents who use our curricula, from the easy-to-teach, “open and go” programs themselves to lifetime support whenever they need it via e-mail and phone, our forum and blogs, and our “Teaching Tips” newsletter. We’ve also created a content-rich website where parents can find many articles and videos to help them teach their children more effectively. And, equally important, we have knowledgeable, helpful affiliates just like you!

As you can see, we have a real commitment to helping our customers be successful in teaching their children to read and spell.  We have a real commitment to supporting you, too.

After You Sign Up

Please take time to delve into the Affiliate Resource Center we have created for you. You’ll find lots of helpful product information and how-to videos and articles, as well as downloadable graphics you can use on your website. We also offer a newsletter, free technical assistance, troubleshooting help, and full reporting.

We already know you are enthusiastic about our products—we just want you to know that we are enthusiastic about you, our affiliate, as well! We look forward to a long and successful relationship with you!